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Click & Deliver

About Click & Deliver

Click & Deliver Service is in operation. The library team will arrange for print materials to be posted to you free of charge.

How to use Click & Deliver

Who can use this service?

All RCSI students who cannot attend campus. If you are attending campus, try the Click & Collect service.

What items can be requested?

All of the books and print materials available to be borrowed in 26 York Street. Print items from the Library in Beaumont Hospital and the Heritage Collections are not available to be borrowed at this time. 

How many books can I borrow?

Check the borrowing rules here

How do I request books?

Before making a request, check Primo VE Search to see if the books of interest are available in the library or online. Please note the book title and author as you will need this information to complete the submission form.

Then, fill in the Click & Deliver request form below. 

How long will it take to fulfill my request?

Requests are processed twice a week. Requests processed before 9 AM on Tuesdays will be processed on Tuesday, and before 9 AM on Fridays will be processed on Friday. 

Please note that sometimes delays may occur due to high demand, waiting for items to be returned from other users, or the need to quarantine returned books. You will be notified if there is a delay with your request. 

How do I get my books?

Your books will be sent to you free of charge using An Post Express Parcel delivery. They will be sent to the address you indicate on the form.

How long can I keep the books?

If nobody else has requested the book you borrowed, then your loans will auto-renew up to 20 weeks. 

How do I return the books?

When requests are posted, they will include a return addressed, postage paid, parcel pouch.  When you wish to return the items place them into the parcel pouch and drop into your local Post Office.  They will scan the Express Parcel barcode and this will ensure the parcel can be tracked en route back to RCSI Library.

After you return your books, they will be kept in quarantine for 7 days. 

What happens if the books go missing in transit?

The Click & Deliver service is fully traceable both items sent out to you and items you return to us, once you drop the pouch to your local post office. In the event of a parcel going missing, the library will work with An Post to investigate and liaise with you as required.

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