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Library Services and COVID-19


Some publishers have responded to this unprecedented situation by making adjustments to services provided. Certain publishers decided to increase the number of students who can access their content at any given time for free, others reached out to the community offering their content temporarily free either to institutions or to everyone, to support research and the expansion of online teaching.

Information on content related to COVID-19 made available could be found at Coronavirus - COVID-19 Information Resources  LibGuide.


Please be advised that this listing is a living document and resources will be added as they become available. 

If you experience any issues with accessing these resources, please email

eResources Made Available as a Response to COVID-19

Resources made freely available: 

Annual Reviews had made access to all of their 52 journals temporarily free. 

700 textbooks, 80 chapter and some journal articles made freely available at and A-Z Resources

Access to Cochrane temporarily unrestricted worldwide. 

M&K Publishing had opened up access to three of their eBooks Arterial Blood Gas Analysis: Making it Easy, Respiratory Care: Assessment and Management and Ward-based Critical Care: A guide for Health Professionals. To access the eBooks click on the titles within this text. To be notified of further resources made available from this publisher, register on their website

Free access to all Microbiology Society journals until further notice

Temporary access to 10,000+ Books and 150+ journals variously from 10+ publishers (and growing). More information on participating publishers here

All Royal Society content is temporarily available during the outbreak. 

Access arranged for RCSI (restricted access - RCSI Network credentials required): 

ProQuest’s opened up the Health & Medicine Ebook Subscription for RCSI, which offers access to more than 12,800 eBooks. The collection spans topics from nursing, allied health psychology, diseases, anatomy/physiology, biology, chemical engineering and much more.​

JoVE offers free access to extensive STEM education video library

Pharmacy Knowledge collection includes material ranging from medical conditions and therapeutics through to professional practice. It is a tool to support you with distance learning, giving you the ability to set up reading lists and teach from a comprehensive range of Pharmacy focused content. It allows to fully integrate the learning workflow between tutor and student. Access available till 26/09/2020. ​​​​​​​ 

Service Upgrades:

Wolters Kluwer had extended the re-verification period from 90 days to 180 days. Re-verification ensures access to UpToDate via mobile devices and from remote PCs.  At this time there is no end date for this functionality, and it will only revert back to the 90 day window when the pandemic abates.

Resources made available to support online teaching/learning:

AMEE (The Association for Medical Education in Europe) have collated a range of resources for educators at the following page. The resources include an AMEE Community Facebook Group and access to Lecturio who are making all content related to COVID-19 free for everyone.

Cambridge University Press had prepared a series of support blog posts for all teachers who now have to teach from home due to the Coronavirus outbreak, with expert advice on how to move your classes online.

​Part of Oxford University Press, have made their courses on Teaching Online and Blended Learning freely available until the end of May in order to help those tackling distance learning for the first time. For more information about access click here.

Professor Mazur is a Professor of Physics and Applied Physics at Harvard University, and also widely known for his work on Peer Instruction and Flipped Learning. He is running a number of webinars on the topic of online teaching in particular how “changing synchronous and instructor-paced activities to asynchronous and self-paced activities not only facilitates the move to online teaching, but also provides an opportunity to improve the quality of education".

This is the first comprehensive Canadian textbook of internal medicine. A full range of topics from allergy and endocrinology to palliative care to rheumatology, is covered in its 1,600 pages, almost all authored by McMaster University faculty members who are considered leaders in their fields.

Open Learn is the home of free learning from The Open University.  Access a wide range of resources and courses including a curated list of resources for educators How can you take your teaching online? .  Creating an account will give you full access to a range of features that are not available to guests, such as enrolling on free courses. You do not need to create an account if you just want to read content without participating in activities. 

Blog from SAGE publishing with tips and support for online teaching. 

​Teaching in a Digital Age In this 12-video series based on the key ideas from his seminal book of the same name, Dr Bates provides theoretical as well as practical tips to improve quality of teaching in campus-based, blended or fully online learning environments.

Wiley has prepared a selection of tips and support resources for lecturers transitioning to online learning environment.