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What is SciVal?

SciVal is a benchmarking tool that uses Scopus data to allow you to identify research output and to use a range of metrics to present your research from a variety of viewpoints. Research groups can be created from profiles of RCSI researchers as well as collaborators from other institutions, and benchmarking reports based on these groups can then be used, for example, to support funding applications or to inform strategic planning. Current and potential collaborators can be identified and research trends analysed to discover the activity and impact of institutions and individuals and current developments.

It is advisable to avoid using just one metric; instead a range of metrics will provide a fuller picture.  Metrics are designed to complement and not replace peer review or expert opinion, so it is important to include them in your analysis also.

SciVal is made up of four modules: Overview, Benchmarking, Collaboration and Trends.  It uses Scopus data for traditional publication and citation metrics and usage data from Scopus and ScienceDirect, global mass media, patents and funding awards to measure research visibility and socio-economic impact.

SciVal and Scopus can be accessed from the Library A-Z Resources page.