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Displaying the institution(s)

Firstly, remove any profiles which may be displayed from previous queries by unticking the box beside the profile name.

Click on the Institutions and Groups icon,  then Add Institutions and Groups and start typing the name of the institution. Click on the name and a chart will display with the default Scholarly Output and Publication Year metrics.  Click on Table to display in table view.


Repeat for each institution. In this instance, RCSI, Imperial College London, St George’s University of London and University College Dublin are chosen to benchmark against each other.

As in the Overview module, you can create reports in the Reporting module or export to a spreadsheet or pdf document.

Benchmarking the institutions

The date range chosen is 2013 – >2018.  The initial metrics displayed are Scholarly Output and Year of Publication.

The default is to display three metrics at a time but you can select up to 20 more if you wish.  To select the metrics click on the arrow beside Metric 1, Metric 2, Metric 3.

There are a large range of metrics to choose from.  Each option usually gives you a set of choices, for example with Scholarly Output, you can narrow to specific types of publications.

Within the Cited options, you can narrow to types of publications and can exclude self-citations if required.


In this example, the following metrics were chosen:

  • Metric 1: Scholarly Output
    • From Published menu.  All publication types
  • Metric 2: Field-Weighted Citation Impact (for definition, see 'The Summary Tab' section)
    • From Cited menu.  All publication types.  Self-citations included
  • Metric 3: Collaboration
    • From Collaboration menu.  International Collaboration. All publication types.  Displayed as percentage (you can also display as total value – the number of publications)


Other useful metrics could be:

  • Outputs in Top Citation Percentiles (top 10%):  publications in the top 10% most cited publications worldwide
  • Publications in Top Journal Percentiles (top 10%): publications in the top 10% journals by CiteScore
  • Citations per publication: average number of citations

See the 'Individual Metrics: creating research groups' section for instructions on creating a research group – these apply to institutions as well as individuals.  See the 'Creating Reports' section for instructions on creating a report from similar metrics.