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Scopus profile and SciVal

There are a number of ways to do this, but we recommend exporting from Scopus.  The data in SciVal is only as good as the data in Scopus and there can occasionally be more than one profile per person, or profiles may include publications from other researchers with the same name. 

It is therefore important to ensure that your Scopus profile is accurate – amendments can be requested from the Scopus Helpdesk.  If you have concerns or queries about this, please contact Grainne McCabe, Scholarly Communications & Research Support Officer, RCSI Library,

Search Scopus

Scopus is available on the Library’s website at Use the Author search to find your profile. 

You will be offered a list of profiles.  It is possible that your publications could be attached to more than one profile, so check carefully. In this example, David Henshall’s publications are on the first profile.  Clicking on his name brings you through to the full profile.


Your profile and exporting to SciVal

Check the list of documents on your profile to ensure they are all yours and that none have been excluded.  The link Request author detail corrections allows you to make amendments if required.  See the 'Scopus profile and SciVal' section for help.

Several metrics are available on your profile, for example h-index and number of citations.

Click on Export profile to SciVal.  If you haven’t already signed in, you will be asked to do so now and then click again on Export profile to SciVal.

Your profile on SciVal

SciVal will open and you will get the following message.  The profile is now stored in the MySciVal area.



To run metrics on the profile, click on Benchmarking or Overview tab. You may need to clear previous profiles from this area by clicking on the boxes beside the profile names. 



Then select the Researchers and Groups icon   Click on the profile you are interested in.  As this area builds up with names, you can either search for the name by clicking on Add Researchers and Groups, or clear the area altogether by selecting Remove all entities from this section. Note that the profiles will still be available to you as they are saved in the MySciVal area.


Benchmarking researchers

Repeat for other researchers.  In this example, we exported profiles from Scopus for John Waddington and Fergal O’Brien.



You can then select and run the most relevant metrics and benchmark against each other, in a similar way to benchmarking institutions in the 'Institutional Metrics: using the Benchmarking module'.


See the 'Creating reports: using the reporting section' for instructions on creating a report from similar metrics.