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Introduction to research groups

You can combine profiles together in order to run metrics for the group as a whole.  This can be useful for example in funding applications where you can group collaborators from various institutions in one research group.  The current metrics for the group can indicate what the potential metrics could look like and can add weight to your application.

Firstly, export the profiles you wish to use from Scopus to SciVal – see the 'Individual Metrics: exporting your profile from Scopus to SciVal' section. 


Defining the research group

To combine profiles into one group, click on Add Researchers and Groups and then Define a new Group of Researchers. 


The next screen will show all the profiles already created in SciVal.   

Drag the name of the researcher from the left panel across to the right panel. Be sure to drag it onto the name of the group – by default My Researcher Group.


When you are finished dragging across the names, change the name of the group, then click on the Save and finish button.


The group is now available to use in Overview or Benchmarking.