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Coronavirus - COVID-19 Surgical Practice

Surgery During COVID-19 Epidemic

In general, all elective surgery has been cancelled during the exponential phase of the pandemic in Ireland.  However, as the community prevalence falls, the demands on critical healthcare resources declines and the risk of acquiring COVID-19 in the perioperative period also declines.  In this environment, it may be appropriate to provide urgent and time critical surgery.  The risk of a patient acquiring COVID-19 during the perioperative period should be minimised through careful planning of patient pathways, screening of patients prior to surgery and thorough discussions with patients of the additional risks involved. Guidance on this matter developed by the National Clinical Programme in Surgery (NCPS) and RCSI are regularly updated on the RCSI website:

The NCPS have produced a document providing some guidance on providing appropriate information for patients undergoing surgery during the COVID era.