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Wellbeing Collection

A collection of health and wellbeing books in RCSI Library at York St and Beaumont Hospital

Your Wellbeing

Here in RCSI and Beaumont Hospital we are students and staff, lecturers and researchers, doctors, nurses, and surgeons.  We study hard, and we work hard.  And we are human beings - with a body, mind, heart and soul to look after.  Each day we connect and navigate our relationships with family and friends, colleagues and peers, patients, and ourselves.  Understanding yourself, knowing what motivates you and what stresses you, and identifying your habitual responses and the resources that can support you, are all key to building self-awareness, self-compassion and resilience.  As human beings we have a natural resilience that includes our capacity to problem-solve, and reach out for support from those close to us, and this is increasingly important as we experience many changes, and perhaps losses, as a result of the pandemic.  

The library Wellbeing book collection aims to support your personal wellbeing alongside your academic and professional journey in life.  This guide highlights books recommended by student welfare officers, and they can be borrowed from both York St and Beaumont Libraries.  Thoughts and Feelings is a broad category that includes self-help books on anxiety and panic attacks, depression, trauma, and general mental health.  Mindfulness and Resilience has a selection of books on positive psychology and spirituality including self-help guides to building our capacity for resilience, happiness, self-compassion, and awareness.  Healthy Body books guide us to look after our physical body, including nutrition, exercise and sleep.  Grief and Loss provides a range of books recommended by the Irish Hospice Foundation on coping with loss and bereavement.  Parenting has some great books on the challenges and joys of parenting.  Popular and Inspiring books were all recommended by students and staff in RCSI and Beaumont Hospital.  Meditation and Relaxation provides links to Mindfulness and Relaxation Centre meditations for calming the mind and relaxing the body.