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EndNote X8 for Mac

Adding references from Databases

  • Use the Chrome browser on your computer
  • Find Medline PubMed on the Library's databases page and connect to the database
  • Enter a basic search (e.g. Migraine prevention) to find some articles 
  • When the results are listed, check the boxes beside the papers that you want. 
  • Click on Send to ( towards top right-hand corner of screen)
  • Select Citation manager as destination and select Create File 
  • The file will save in your Downloads

  • Click on the downloaded file and select Choose Application
  • Select EndNote X8, then EndNote X8 again

  • The selected PubMed references will appear in your EndNote library


Instructions: To send all (200+) PubMed references to EndNote 
  • Find PEDro on the Library's databases page and connect to the database
  • Click on Simple search (top left-hand corner of screen) and enter a search  (e.g. Migraine prevention) 
  • When the results are listed, select the records you wish to send to EndNote
  • Click Display Selected Records ( towards top left-hand corner of screen)
  • Select Save results and save to your computer 
  • Locate and open the saved file ‚Äčin your EndNote library

Adding References from Google Scholar

  • Open Google Scholar and enter a search (e.g. the same migraine prevention search as before)
  • Select the Cite symbol below the reference you wish to export (as in diagram below)
  • Select EndNote as the citation manager
  • Click on the Scholar.enw file and open with EndNote X8 ( this is the same process as shown above with the PubMed file)

  • The selected reference will appear in your EndNote library in the Imported References section. If you wish to send more than one reference at a time from Google Scholar, you will need to save them to a list using the star symbol and logging in to a Google account. You can then export the selected list of references.

  • Click on All References to display your full library of references

Creating a Manual Reference

Sometimes, you will have to enter references manually, e.g. when referencing web pages or images. To do this:

  • Select New Reference from the References menu
  • The reference default type is set to Journal Article. Click the drop down menu and select Web Page.

  • Type the details into the relevant fields
    • Author: World Health Organization,
    • Year: 2016
    • Title: Diabetes country profiles
    • Year Cited: 2018
    • Date Cited: 10 October
    • URL: 
  • If the author is an organisation, add a comma at the end of the name

  • Command + S or File and Save will save the reference
  • Close the reference
  • Check the preview to ensure it is displaying correctly and adjust as necessary

Inserting a Book Reference

There are several ways to insert a reference for a book into your EndNote library. One simple way is to use an online catalogue, such as JISC Library Hub Discover (this is a combined catalogue of major academic and specialist libraries in the UK and Ireland).

  • Find the JISC catalogue at
  • Search for a book (e.g. type "principles of medical biochemistry" into the TITLE field)
  • Click on your chosen book
  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click to Export the selected records to EndNote
  • The file will appear in the bottom left-hand side of your screen
  • Click on the downloaded file and it will automatically open up in your EndNote Library

* you may need to check the record and make some manual adjustments, e.g. delete the number of pages and the 'ed.' in the Edition field. Preview in your required style to ensure the reference will display as required.