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Coronavirus - COVID-19 Information Resources

Database Search Strategies

Embase is the largest medical and pharmacy database and it includes Medline/PubMed content within it.  In Embase click on the Advanced search option and then type in ‘covid 19 vaccine’ and select the candidate term that appears as you type.  Add OR ‘covid 19 vaccin*’ to this search line and then click on the MAPPING tab.  Select the first 4 options to include Emtree terms, your free text keywords, narrower terms and searching broadly, and then click on Search.  Add NOT [medline]/lim to the search line if you’ve already searched PubMed to exclude Medline results.

In PubMed click on Advanced and in the Query Box type in "covid-19 vaccines"[MeSH Terms] OR "covid-19 vaccines"[All Fields] OR "covid 19 vaccine"[All Fields] and click on Search.