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EndNote X9 for Windows

Creating Groups

  • From the Groups menu, select Create Group
  • Give the group a name, e.g. Project 1
  • Click Enter to save the group
  • Highlight one or more references, right-click and select Add References to and select the name of the group you have just created

Editing References

  • To edit a reference, double click on it
  • Edit the fields you wish to edit
  • Ctrl + S or File and Save will save the changes

Deleting References

  • To remove references from your EndNote library, drag and drop the selected reference to the Trash. You can delete the references permanently by right-clicking on the Trash group and selecting Empty Trash.

Finding Full Text & Attaching Files

  • Using the "Find Full Text" feature
    • Highlight one or more references
    • From the References menu, select Find Full Text, then Find Full Text. EndNote will automatically attach PDF files if they are available
  • Checking for full text available to RCSI users (off-campus)
  • Attaching PDF files
    • To attach PDFs manually, add a previously saved file to the File Attachments field or drag and drop the file into the record