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Online Students’ Guide to RCSI Library

Does it Matter if I'm On or Off Campus?

You must Log in/ Sign in when accessing electronic resources off-campus. Always start from the RCSI Library site to access our databases, ejournals and ebooks. All can be accessed from the A-Z Resources page:

You will be asked for your RCSI Network username and password before connection. Please be aware that your credentials for this purpose first part of you email before, ie Firstnamesurname is your login and password is the same as for you email. 

RCSI Library uses a proxy system call EZ Proxy which sends information to the publisher or provider as if you were located onsite. If you having off-campus access issues it is important that you used the links from the RCSI Library site for the site to be able to recognise your access as being linked to RCSI. 

Access issues can be reported on our Collections Query Submission Form


Resource Access Issues?

If you are having difficulty accessing RCSI Library databases or other electronic resources off campus and you don’t think it’s a password-related issue, please contact us by using the Collections Query Submission Form or by emailing, providing as much of the following information as possible:

  • Type of device
  • Operating system (name and version)
  • Browser & version
  • Name and type of resource you are trying to access
  • Which specific path you are following
  • The exact error message (Include screenshots and/or URLs if possible!)
  • Do you see the Off-campus login page?
  • Is the problem limited to one specific resource or is it all electronic resources?


NOTE: help request response times will vary, especially when the library is closed.

If you are seeing an error message, try searching it in Google, along with the name of your browser and operating system name/ version.

Linking to eResources within VLE

Users of e-journals and e-books are subject to the terms of licences contracted between RCSI and publishers. Articles and chapters may be downloaded directly only by readers and only for private study or research. Providing links within a VLE to articles or books is generally permitted and it is the recommended method to ensure access for students. If in doubt, contact the library for advice.


The recommended method to link to an article we subscribe to is generally this way through a type of product known as link resolver.

RCSI Library uses ExLibris product called 360Link for this purpose. 360Link also provides users with the option to choose the source they prefer to access the article from, if there is more than one (Example 2).

Please be mindful that this solution is only useful with resources that RCSI Library subscribes to and are included in our E-journals portal. 

See example 3 for the difference between using 360Link to link to a book we have don't have full access to and directly linked through EZ Proxy. If you route through EZProxy the user is provided with much more detail, including abstract, while through 360Link we only get the basic metadata, though it does make clear that full access is not available.

Known DOI

If the article does have a DOI use the link and add the DOI.

Example 1:

Example 2:

Example 3:

No known DOI

If there is no DOI (e.g. older articles) then other information is used to form the link. This can be retrieved through copying the url from the FullText@RCSI link from a database or from the citation linker in 360Link.,%20Daniel&spage=93&sid=EBSCO:Health%20Business%20Elite&pid

Frequently Asked Questions

To find more about frequently asked questions please see our Collections FAQ