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Online Students’ Guide to RCSI Library

A Guide for Students Using RCSI Library's Online Services

Due to the hybrid study arrangements, we recognise that many students may be working away from the RCSI campus and RCSI Library. Fortunately, there are a range of resources and supports available to you and this guide offers an overview of them.

If you have any questions about using our online resources please get in touch, our email is monitored weekdays.


eResource Access

To access  all RCSI Library online resources (databases, ejournals, clinical summaries etc.) you should use the Primo VE search box on the RCSI Library website 

or the A-Z of Resources


Your login for online Library resources is your RCSI network username and password.  Your username is your RCSI email prefix e.g.  Your password is your network password.  If you don't know or have forgotten your RCSI network details please contact the IT Helpdesk, helpdesk@rcsi.comTel: 01 402 2273.