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Recommend a Resource

RCSI Library welcomes suggestions for new or additional resources.


RCSI Library welcomes suggestions for new or additional resources.

The Library aims to purchase or make available all the resources needed to support module Reading Lists. 

In addition, we try to support, through our requests, and our Document Supply services, many additional requests to support individual research, whether for dissertations or research projects.  Occasionally materials may be out of print, online versions may not be available, or other libraries may refuse to lend rare books or journals.  Additionally, we must keep within our budget, and will sometimes either refuse requests, or suggest that students visit other Libraries, to consult their printed resources, or online materials on a 'walk in user' basis. 

To submit a suggestion please click on the left hand menu and fill in the Recommend a Resource Form

If you have a specific query regarding suggested resources or reading lists please email Content and Metadata Management Librarian. For any other resource related queries contact

How does the Library decide what is purchased?

RCSI Library maintains separate wishlists for books and ebooks, and for other electronic resources.

The Book and eBook wishlist is reviewed periodically and acquisitions decided in the light of available budget, number of users needing access to these titles, location and collection development strategies. 

Electronic resources are reviewed on a yearly basis in light of budget, suitability and need.

We are delighted to accept resource suggestions, as these significantly inform our collection development. 

If you submit a resource suggestion, our Content and Metadata Management team will be in touch with you to make sure that your suggestion is understood fully and will keep in contact regarding any decisions made on your suggestion. 

Creating a new course/program and needing resources?

If you are creating a new programme/course, please ensure all information resources needed to support this course are included in your business case. RCSI Library can assist with checking what resources are currently available in our collections, finding alternative resources, and provide costing for resources through our working relationships with publishers. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us.