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Collections Help & Support

Guidance on accessing RCSI Library collections

RCSI Library Locations

RCSI Library print collections are spread over 3 locations:


26 York Street

Collections in 26 York Street support undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and learning in the College and RCSI staff. Some of the collections highlights are the Healthcare Ethics and Law collection, the Wellbeing collection, the RCSI Authors collection and materials supporting students undertaking USMLE. Print journals are on display in the reading lounge. The Library at 26 York Street houses roughly 10,000 print items. 

Beaumont Hospital 

RCSI Library, Beaumont Hospital collections support clinicians, staff and students based there. It houses roughly 4,500 print items including the Wellbeing collection

Heritage Collections

Heritage collections consist of archival collections, collections of rare books, print theses and a store of selected print journals. To consult any of these collections please contact

How to Search the Catalogue

How to Search the Catalogue

Firstly, visit the library A-Z Resources

Next, click into the catalogue in the right-hand corner and search for printed and electronic books in the RCSI Library Catalogue.

  1. Click SEARCH
  2. Select whether you want to limit 'Catalogue to search' to "Main Catalogue; eBook Collection or Complete Catalogue (Main + Historical), RCSI Library"
  3. You may 'Type word or phrase': e.g. "diabetes"


RCSI Library YouTube Catalogue Searching Tutorials