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Guide on RCSI Library contemporary collections


RCSI Library holds a collection of RCSI theses in both print and electronic formats.

Currently only theses submitted for a research degree (PhD, MD, MCh) and MSc degree with a research component are submitted to the Library in both print and electronic copy. Taught MSc theses that meet the criteria of grade of 2.1 or higher could be also submitted to the Institutional Repository, but not accepted in print. 

Students of all research degree programmes must submit their thesis in electronic version to graduate. 

Guidance on electronic thesis submission can be found on the RCSI Repository guide.  If you have any questions about the RCSI Repository please email Print theses submission is managed by the School of Postgraduate Studies. 


Search for Theses in the Library Catalogue

Firstly, please access the RCSI A-Z Resources

Next, click into the catalogue in the right hand corner and "Search for printed and electronic books in the library catalogues RCSI Library Catalogue"‚Äč

  1. Click SEARCH
  2. Ensure 'Catalogue to search' is set to "Complete Catalogue (Main + Historical), RCSI Library"
  3. You may 'Type word or phrase': "theses"

Search for Theses in the RCSI Repository

To search electronic theses directly in the RCSI Repository please click on the link below:

RCSI Repository