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Coronavirus - COVID-19 Surgical Practice

CPD and Maintaining Professional Competence

If you are on the Medical Register (General or Specialists division), you are required to enrol with a Professional Competence Scheme and maintain your competence.  Most medical conferences and course have been cancelled and it seems unlikely that these kind of events will take place again before 2021 except in certain specific circumstances. .

The Medical Council have issued advice that the compliance of doctors with the requirements will not be enforced at the current time.  Nonetheless, the obligation to ensure your practice is up to date remains.

Many international organisations are replacing conferences with online webinars which offer an opportunity to keep up to date without the need to travel.

RCSI continue to offer webinars that are free to all to attend and have an archive of their webinars available online.

Two new online courses on effective communication using telephone or video technology developed by the National Healthcare Communications Programme with the support of RCSI, which are CPD approved, are available here