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Coronavirus - COVID-19 Surgical Practice

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • PPE is recommended when providing care to a patient with known or suspected COVID-9 infection.  In this video, Professor Martin Cormican shows how you can apply PPE in a healthcare environment.  Your hospital may use slightly different equipment and should provide you with instruction on how to use it.
  • Be particularly careful when removing PPE as this is when you may become contaminated.  Work with a “buddy” who is familiar with the process and check each step with them before you do it.  The US CDC provide a printable illustrated checklist that you can download to your phone or print for use when required.

    Attend hospital training and practice this before you need to do it for real.  When you do need to use the equipment, take your time no matter how great the clinical urgency, follow the CDC checklist, and work with your buddy to check your steps and check that you have completed the process correctly.
  • This video shows anaesthetists preparing for entry into an operating room including the application of PPE, safe practice in relation to intubation, and safely removing PPE.

Many hospitals are now advising doctors to wear masks/eye protection and/or gloves in all patient encounters as it is impossible to now who might be infected and these measures might mitigate the risk that asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic healthcare workers might transmit the virus to patients.