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Finding Information


Preprints are versions of research articles that appear prior to the completion of full peer review. They are not as extensively validated as peer reviewed publications and so their data or findings should not be used to inform clinical practice. However, the research they contain will be of interest to those seeking the latest or emerging research in their field. Preprints are published on

Preprint Servers, such as those which appear below. 

PMC (PubMed Central) has since June 2020 been making certain Preprints openly available on their database. 

Europe PMC brings together content from PubMed, PMC, and many of the core preprint servers including MedRxiv and BioRxiv. Results can be filtered to just show preprints. 

Some discipline specific preprint servers are listed below.

  • MedRxiv - Preprint server for Health Sciences
  • BioRxiv - Preprint server for Biology
  • ArXiv - Preprint server for the Sciences
  • SSRN - preprints papers dedicated to Social Sciences